Been doing a photoshoot recently, amazingly taken by the talented Kezia Adina. She did a great job, really. And we had so much fun! Keep scrolling to see the pictures!

My mood lately : put on all the most comfortable clothes you have and you are good to go. 
This is what it tells you, perhaps.

The first time I found this pencil pants, I was insanely screaming 'omg! I should definitely buy this' cos I have none and have been looking for it for quite some time. I bought this pants for 20 bucks and can wear it for a million times. 
The casual look it gives, the neutral colour that can go easily with anything, and most importantly it is the comfortable feeling when I move around. I'm pretty sure that every girl would prefer to wear something they are comfortable with. 
Picture above tells you that the pants is incredibly comfortable! 

A closer look at the silver-toned with a shiny touch crop top and I'm falling in love with it! It has successfully given the effortless cool look, don't you think so? xx

Wearing :

Pleated Top - Bershka
Silver Crop Top - Zara
Pants - Zara
Sandals - Birkenstock

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