An off shoulder top has its own uniqueness to catch fashion dearies' eyes, making it popular these days. Rather than wearing something usual or kinda mainstream, this one-arm top has grabbed my attention at the first glance. Not literally one-arm top as I could say because the off-shoulder details beautify it. Oh! Not to forget, the ruffle fabric decorating the top enhanced femininity. Though my style is often /always boy-ish, being a girl once in the name of fashion, why not?

If you ask me specifically about fashion, do you need to follow the trend or isn't wearing something outdated embarrassing? no and no. That's my answer for both questions I mentioned. Simple way of thinking, once it is/was a trend, it will always be. Looking back to 70s, I found my mom's old picture and saw her wearing a cropped flare jeans. Looking at the present, it's back to the trend in 2016! see how fashion/trend never bore you, in contrast, it amaze you. 

When I shopped around and found this asymmetrical skirt I put on for this look, I could see 'perfection'. The mermaid cutting, the flare style, and the mesh details is such a masterpiece! 
I'm not an accessories junkie, yet to look more stylish I add some accessories to my empty hand and neck. However, I guess a scarf is a must for me to every look I'm styling. If you ever had a trouble putting on your little tiny piece of necklace (like what I've always struggled with lol), then a scarf is the answer! style in as many ways as you wish to, wrap your scarf around your neck or just simply tie it up, be as creative as you can to get a finished look. xx

Wearing :
Top - Zara
Accessories - H&M
Slip On - Charles&Keith
Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim

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